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Unique World War 1 Helmet


This unique camouflaged helmet once owned by Dr. Cyril Beaumont Hiram Hagebak of Madison, was recently donated to the museum by his grandson Beaumont William Hagebak of Plano, Texas. The dog tags along with several pictures were donated by Beaumont Roger Hagebak of Roseville, California Cyril Beaumont’s son.

Dr. Cyril Beaumont Hiram Hagebak was born in Madison, Minnesota on February 23, 1897 to John O. and Clara (Haukos) Hagebak.  He attended public schools in Madison, and also graduated from Madison High School.

When World War I began to involve American troops, Beaumont enlisted in the U. S. Army on July 15, 1917.  The young woman who was to become his wife was visiting her older sister in Madison at the time and was part of the crowd watching the truck leave Madison with new enlistees, but they didn’t know one another then.  They met years later in Madison.

Beaumont’s Army career had two distinct parts.  After basic military training he was sent to Texas, where he became a bayonet instructor for new recruits.  He was later sent on to France, where he served as a guard over German prisoners of war.

His camouflaged helmet is fairly unique, and was passed down to his son, then to his grandson, all of who are also named Beaumont.

To read the rest of his story come to the museum and visit the military display.



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