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Museum Staff

Barb Redepenning – Curator
Barb Redepenning, Curator, works on grants, exhibits, special displays, collections, research, programs and special events.
Donna Anderson – Curator Assistant
Donna Anderson is the assistant curator; her duties include collecting military stories, helping manage the inventory project, transferring the indexing of the newspapers into the computer, catalogs obituaries and typing, typing and more typing.
Sam Olson – Research Assistant
Sam Olson is our Research Assistant. He does a lot of the research for our displays and helps people who contact us for information. He is now helping organize our files and is in charge of scanning and cataloging pictures. Sam is also the one we turn to when we have computer issues. Sam is currently collecting information about World War I. If anyone has any information they want to share, please contact Sam. He is also on a committee with Beth Westby and Graylen Carlson to find ways to update and improve our computer system.
Rachel Croatt – Outreach Assistant
Rachel Croatt is our outreach program planner and has been doing a wonderful job. She keeps busy planning outreach programs for the Dawson/Boyd, Madison/Marietta/Nassau and the Lac qui Parle Valley School systems. She also schedules and plans events for schools or clubs who are interested in visiting the museum. She is now working on outreach programs that will be presented in retirement homes, to organizations and other places requesting special information about LqP County. Earlier this year she presented information to area organizations and groups about Salt Lake near Marietta. She is currently working on a presentation about the history of the WPA & CCC projects that took place in Lac qui Parle County and the people who worked in WPA or CCC camps. Rachel assisted with the Open House “Wedding Then & Now” display, set up interviews and interviewed farmers for the PerFarmance project. Dressed as Eleanor Roosevelt she handed out hundreds of bags of treats to kids for “Trunk or Treat” along with Colleen Olson dressed as Betsy Ross.


Board Members 2015-2016

Fred Eckhardt – President

Bob Glomstad – Vice President

Ruth Solem – Secretary

Lillian Johnson – Treasurer

Barb Tarcza

Beth Westby

Rolland Moen

Graylen Carlson

Theresa Bly

Colleen Olson